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Your UK holiday packing list: what to pack for your staycation this summer
No matter what type of holiday you’ve decided to embark on for your UK staycation, there are always the basic holiday essentials to remember, no matter what the weather forecast. Now if, like me, you love to make a holiday packing checklist, here’s one to get you started:
Top 5 UK beaches to visit this summer
If you’re looking to plan a much needed beach day but aren’t sure where to go, take a look at our top 5 UK beaches to visit this summer. And, if we’ve missed your favourite off the list, pop it in the comments box below!
10 reasons swimming in cold water is good for you
There’s nothing quite like a brisk swim in the ocean to make you feel alive, but it’s no secret that the British waters aren’t exactly Mediterranean in temperature. So here are 10 reasons why swimming in cold water is good for you....
Things to do by the sea in half-term
With half-term on the horizon, finding things to keep you and the tribe occupied is top priority and a day by the sea is certainly first on our list. There’s lots you can do by the ocean whatever the weather....
Tips for making children’s bath times more relaxing
After a long day of rushing around, getting your children into a warm bath is a great way of helping them wind down, ready for bed. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as that as some children really don’t like...