Welcome to Bridie & Bert Ltd, a brand that is simple and uncomplicated but one that I hope you will enjoy for many years to come.

Childhood memories of seemingly endless beach days on the Cornish coast have always inspired me and I am never happier than when sitting by the sea.

I have held close my mother’s belief in traditional values and a love of simple pleasures.  I like to think I have passed these on too.

What could be sweeter than the sight of little ones running around on the sand in the softest towelling throw on beach cover ups, no ties, no fastenings, just straight over the head they go, and so cosy they don’t want to take them off? Not just for the very young, these simple garments are available for everyone from babies, children, teenagers to adults.

Included in this collection are two sizes of luxurious, double sided towels along with the beautiful Immy Beach Tunic for women, all made from the softest stretch towelling fabric, and SFP friendly too.

All perfect for the unpredictable British weather and ideal for warmer days at home and abroad. Cosy too for after the bath.



I have just returned from a weekend in St Mawes, one of my most favourite seaside towns in the UK and the place that has inspired me most, over the years, to launch my brand Bridie & Bert.

As a child, we stayed in the South Coast of Cornwall every year.  Come rain or shine we would play on the beaches, never noticing the weather nor caring how cold or how warm it was.  I am number three of five children and I will never forget the fun we had.  As we got older, school friends would come and and stay too and so it went on. 

Oh the excitement of it all, simple pleasures at their absolute best!

What I also remember is how my mother dressed us.  We had stripey, hooded tops made of the softest towelling.  They were shorter than the ones you can buy at 
Bridie & Bert but they were still cosy and always kept the chill out on those windswept beaches.  Back then, I think they were called Parkas.

More than fifty years later, I still have mine;  it is Red, White and Blue and even though the label is very faded now, I can still just see it was made by Ladybird. (For those of you who might remember, they also made the sweetest dressing gowns with Ladybird buttons.)

My children wore my parka and it was then that I decided to have more made but this time a bit longer and snugger, still made of the loveliest, stretchiest, cotton towelling.

So Bridie & Bert, named after my son and youngest daughter, was launched during lockdown and so far, so good! It is still early days but I have fun plans for its future, never letting go of the past, the nostalgia behind the brand and how I wish to take it forward.



Bridie & Bert ....

 - is a true British brand
 - only uses the highest quality fabrics
 - offers a monogramming service 
 -  is timeless!