Why towelling beach cover ups are a summer essential

Why towelling beach cover ups are a summer essential

If you’re going on a beach holiday or spending time on the coast, you’re most likely going to be spending some time at the beach. Sunscreen and sunglasses are often the first thing that come to mind when you think of 'summer essentials,' but how about a towelling beach cover up? Beach cover ups made from towelling like our immy tunic towelling beach dress cover up are perfect for the beach, with stretch fabric providing a lightweight but flattering way to stay safe from the sun and covering up when needed. Towelling robes and dresses are perfect for anyone that loves to spend their summers on the beach or by the water. But why? This blog will look at the options available for towelling cover ups, and why you need one!

The benefits of a towelling beach cover up

Beach cover-ups protect you from the sun.

While many of us go to the beach to work on our tans, too much sun exposure is a bad thing. Excess sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots, accelerates the effects of ageing, and increases the risk of skin cancer.

To protect yourself from the sun, consider wearing a beach cover-up for part of your day at the beach. If you're going to spend the day sunning yourself, wearing a towelling cover up is a stylish way to do it. Once you have been in the sun for a certain amount of time, but you beach cover up on to stay protected for the remainder of the time, or you can alternate every couple of hours between your swimsuit and your beach cover-up.

The necessity for a beach cover-up doesn’t end with sun protection, it’s also a very useful item.

The clue is in the name, towelling is used for a reason. The benefits of a towelling beach robe doesn't stop at covering up. Fancy a quick dip? Our beach robes and dresses are designed to absorb the water while remaining soft on your skin. It is also a spacious design to allow for room to change discreetly out of your swimsuit discreetly. When you’re walking to and from the beach you want something to cover-up, particularly when walking through common areas like the lobby or a bar. At most resorts, your pool may be a bit of a walk, and if you don’t like walking around in just a bikini, then a beach cover-up is a must.

Perfect for travel

Our towelling beach robes and dresses are made of a soft, stretch towelling that can be rolled or folded up to be compact and perfect to carry. This makes it useful when out on your holidays to throw over your swimwear or to put an extra layer on to protect from the chilly evening breeze. Being such a useful item, it allows you to take less towels to the beach, saving on packing. They also come in range of sizes for children, teenagers or adults.

Types of towelling beach cover ups

Womens long hooded beach and swimsuit cover up

Our stretch towelling beach robe for women is a terry cloth towelling garment. Not just for the beach, these cover ups are ideal after swimming at the gym or even after a bath or shower at home.

Towelling beach dress cover up - just below the knee

The Immy Towelling Beach Tunic comes just below the knee and has side vents for added movement.

The stretch fabric is gathered on elastic just below the bust which gives a soft and feminine contour and the flattering V neck is framed with a coordinating, cotton fringe.

Daisy Tunic - A shorter tunic with a cosy hood

Our Daisy Tunic is perfect for anyone that prefers a shorter tunic. Still made from our cosy stretch towelling with a hood to keep your head warm!

Childrens long hooded beach over up

A versitile terry cloth beach and swimsuit cover up for children. Simple and practical for not only the beach, but they can be used after swimming lessons or baths at home.

Here at Bridie and Bert, we love a good beach holiday! Wherever you choose to go, we hope you enjoy your trip this summer!