Perfect Christmas gifts for beach lovers

Perfect Christmas gifts for beach lovers


Christmas is just around the corner – the year really has flown by! If you’ve got friends or family who love to spend time by sea, getting them the perfect gift that’s inspired by those relaxing days at the beach is a wonderful idea. Here are 20 perfect Christmas gifts for beach lovers, plus an exciting Bridie and Bert discount just for you.


1. Personalised swimsuit cover up


Practical beach gifts are perfect for friends or family who love spending days at the beach. Our swimsuit coverups are made from a soft towelling material that’s ideal for wearing throughout the day, warming up after a swim in the ocean or for snuggling down in after a relaxing bath.

With long sleeves and cosy hoods, or available as a stylish tunic, they’re also great for those who love cold water swimming.

Cold water swimming? They must be mad, you might think, but what better day to try out such a thrilling activity than on Boxing Day! That would be quite the adventure to embark on with the family in tow.

Available in sizes for children and adults, why not grab yourself a matching set for the whole family.

You can even choose to personalise your swimsuit coverup with their name or initials, making your gift that extra bit special.

We’ve got a selection of thread colours you can choose from. Simply select at checkout and we’ll embroider your order.

For the next two weeks only, we’re offering a 15% discount on all our coverups – the perfect time to start your Christmas shopping. Just enter discount code BG01 at checkout.

Personalising your gift always makes it extra special.

2. Jumbo towel

Who doesn’t need a towel for the beach and what gets better than a jumbo sized one? 

Double-sided for extra warmth and with enough space to fit two people, as well as all their hampers, beach chair, books and any paraphernalia they bring along, these jumbo beach towels are one of those really useful, thoughtful and perfect gifts. You can even get these oversized cotton towels personalised with their name or initials. Simply choose from a selection of thread colours and we’ll embroider your order. They’re perfect christmas gifts for beach lovers that you know they’ll get lots of use out of. 

A towel big enough for two!

We’re also offering a 15% discount on all our towels for the next two weeks – the perfect opportunity to start shopping for those Christmas gifts. Don’t miss out – just enter the discount code BG01 at checkout.

3. Sand and Seagulls – a one stop coastal shop

Sand and Seagulls is the perfect place to go to if you’re not sure what to buy your beach loving friend or family member, offering a wonderful range of nautical accessories and coastal decor.
You can't go wrong with a new mug.
In addition to Zoe’s collection of carefully chosen products, she also supports other small, independent brands, a wonderful way to help you find some really unique gifts. If you can’t decide, why not settle on a voucher instead?

4. Beach bag

We personally love to bring all sorts of things with us for a day at the beach and a safe, sturdy and stylish beach bag, with plenty of space, is a must – what a wonderful gift it would make!

As much as I love wicker baskets, both personalised and plain, I’ve come across Vida De Verano who supply a wide range of recycled cotton beach and market bags in the most colourful, bright stripes;  you may have gathered by now how much I love stripes! I would be thrilled to open one of these on Christmas Day.

A beach bag to outdo all beach bags.

Each and every item would be perfect to fit everything in; a few snacks, sun cream, a good book – all the important necessities! 

Whilst you could easily head to the high street retailers, it’s always worth having a look on Etsy too. There you’ll find lots of small businesses with some lovely handmade, personalised designs – there’s something extra special about supporting small businesses at Christmas.

5. Beach bottle

With plastic water bottles on the out due to way too much plastic waste, a beach themed reusable cup or bottle is a great gift idea that doesn’t break the bank. Plus on the beach it’s always nicer to take a sip that doesn’t have sand in it! 

There are lots of different styles and sizes available, as well as personalised options that are a lovely touch. 

A sturdy, reusable bottle - why not get it personalised?

My friend Karen at Soul Shimmer Designs makes custom-made, sparkly ones – aren’t they fabulous! They’re perfect christmas gifts for beach life adventures and ideal for the outdoors.  For bespoke orders, do contact her as soon as you can to make sure you can secure your gift in time.

6. Ring Toss

Bring a little fun to beach trips with a traditional game of ring toss. You might think this is a game for children but you’ll be amazed how much it brings out the competitive spirit in adults as well. It’s also fairly compact so easy to take along in a beach bag. 

A simple and fun game for all ages.

7. Jewellery

If you’re looking for something sentimental that will last a lifetime, why not have a look at some beach or ocean-themed jewellery. You could opt for an eye-catching necklace, a ring with some wow-factor or a delicate pair of earrings.

My absolute favourite designers at the moment are, by pure coincidence, two Cornwall based companies with a beachy vibe. I love them both and they certainly have something for everyone.

The first is CruisingDais, which can be found over on Etsy. They offer beautiful handcrafted pieces in silver and copper.


Some pretty ocean-inspired jewellery to make them smile.

My other favourite is Cornish Bluebelle. Laura has designed a wonderful coastal and country inspired collection, definitely worthy of a look.

8. Photo frame 

You can’t go wrong with a photo frame, especially if you include a lovely photograph to make it extra special.

For a beach-themed gift, choose a frame with an ocean or beach design and perhaps a photo from a memorable day by the waves.  Maybe a picture or piece of art depicting their favourite sandy destination?

You could even make the frame yourself using shells from the beach. A DIY gift always gets an ‘A for effort’ from us! 

A memory to treasure forever.

9. Beach-inspired skincare

It’s always safe to fall back on the ever-popular bath sets – a great way to top up on moisturisers! So why not theme it for your beach-loving friends and family.

Bath salts and ocean-themed bath bombs are always a winner. The Cornish Seaweed Bath Co. create some wonderful soaps, sanitisers and even a lip balm using local seaweed and natural ingredients, a perfect Christmas gift idea for beach lovers.

Skincare products are always a winner at Christmas time.

10. Picnic rucksack

This is such a lovely idea for a Christmas gift. A picnic rucksack that’s packed with everything needed for an alfresco meal; plates, cutlery, plastic glasses, a picnic blanket and space for food and drinks, all in an easy-to-carry, compact rucksack. They’re great for day trips to the beach and certainly easier to carry than a big cooler or hamper.


A compact picnic rucksack for a date at the beach.

11. A beach hat

A stylish hat would make a perfect christmas gift for beach lovers.

Great if you’re working on a budget, there’s a style out there to suit every person. From a comedy baseball cap to a sensible sun blocker, a little straw hat or a luxurious wide-brimmed number, you could really have some fun choosing a suitable style for your friends and family. 

The only rule is they have to wear it on Christmas day!

There's a hat for everyone out there.

12. Snorkelling gear

For something a little different and a touch more active, you could take a look at some snorkelling gear. You could go for the basic goggles and snorkel, or perhaps a great pair of flippers – they’re great fun to use in the ocean. Who doesn’t love feeling like a mermaid? We really like the full face snorkel masks, a great gift idea for kids and adults.

For the more active friends and family, a chance to dive below the waves.

13. Waterproof speaker

If your friends or family like listening to music or audio books while they’re at the beach, a waterproof speaker might be a great gift to add to their beach accessories collection. There are lots of powerful, portable options out there that are wireless and equipped with Bluetooth, perfect for taking out to the beach for the day.

If you're going for a portable speaker for them to take to the beach, it's always safer to make sure it's waterproof.

14. Sunglasses

No trip to the beach is complete without a decent pair of sunglasses. We can’t count the amount of times they get lost or ‘put somewhere safe’ and then forgotten about. A lovely new pair will always be appreciated.

Who else is always losing their sunglasses?

15. Candles 

For the beach lovers who can’t always get down to the ocean as much as they’d like, a perfectly scented candle to bring the beach to them would be a wonderful gift. A familiar scent can instantly transport them to the sights and smells of the shore – you could even get candles specific to their favourite destination.

St Mawes Scent Room is one of my favourites.  The candles smell wonderful and are all named in connection with the coast and St Mawes, a place very close to my heart.   

The sweet scent of the sea.

16. Surf lessons

For the more active beach-goers, why not buy them the gift of surf lessons. It could be something they’ve always wanted to try but just never gotten around to – and this is the perfect opportunity to give them a taster.

Time to try something new.

17. Seaweed mask

Now we don’t mean a facemask (although that would be quite interesting to see), we mean a pampering sheet mask with seaweed extract. This is a great stocking filler and great to give your loved ones for a bit of beach-inspired relaxation.

You could go one bigger and get them a voucher for a seaweed wrap, a treatment you can normally book at spas to refresh and hydrate your body. There are even seaweed bath treatments – now that would be fun!

Seaweed is full of goodness and is great for the skin.

18. Message in a bottle

This is a really lovely personal and thoughtful gift idea. All you need to do is find a bottle and a piece of paper – an easy DIY gift with a nice sentiment behind it. You could write a message for them to read in ten years time, it could be an experience voucher for them to use, or you could fill it with photos and memories. It could even be the perfect unexpected proposal idea for your loved one – we do love a Christmas engagement story!

A thoughtful and personal gift idea - a message in a bottle.

19. Clothes

Who doesn’t love clothes for Christmas?

Finding your loved ones something new to wear for those long beach days is a great idea for Christmas. If you don’t want to limit your gift to just being worn at the beach, you could choose something with a beach theme so they have the option to wear it all year round.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A new shirt with a delightful beach print
  • Gym gear to use during their morning jog along the sand
  • A quirky beach themed t-shirt
  • One of our cosy coverups or tunics
  • A gorgeous sundress
  • A new pair of flip flops

Why not take a look at some independent boutiques to help you find some really unique and gorgeous designs.

A simple gift to transport them to their favourite place.

Hopefully you’ve managed to get a little inspiration from our list of perfect christmas gifts for beach lovers and perhaps some unique options you hadn’t thought of before. We love the personalised options best – they always go down a treat. If you need somewhere to start, why not head over to our online shop and take advantage of our limited time 15% discount.