Bridie & Bert has teamed up with Lizzie Loves to bring you a special summer offer

Bridie & Bert has teamed up with Lizzie Loves to bring you a special summer offer

With summer well and truly on the way, we’re so excited to be teaming up with the fabulous Lizzie Loves to bring you an extra special summer offer. You can now get your hands on one of our children’s towelling hoodies as well as the Lizzie Loves Pick n Mix trio of natural remedies for a fraction of the normal price. If you’re looking for the perfect packing staples for a happy and healthy summer holiday, read on to find out more…

Children's towelling hoodies - ideal for the summer holidays

Lizzie Loves was created by Lizzie King, an author, cook, nutritional health coach and mother of three. Lizzie started her business in 2020 after discovering she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for to keep her and her children well, peaceful and happy – so she made it herself!

Be Well, Be Settled and Be Sleepy - natural remedies for children and adults

She created three innovative natural remedies that act as supplements for children and adults, which only went and won the The Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards in the very same year she began her business. They come in packs of 5 as powders in handy, portable sachets that you just add to water or milk.

Be Well

A glass of this berry flavoured drink in the morning is a great way for your children to start the day. Lizzie recommends using this particularly at the start of a new school term, as it’s focused towards supporting the normal functions of the immune system. It contains a blend of elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and selenium. 

Be Settled

A great one for children and adults for settling upset stomachs. This one is a blend of apple and activated charcoal made from coconuts, which gives it a dramatic dark colour that Lizzie tells her children is ‘Black Magic’. You may be surprised to hear however that it doesn’t taste of much!

'Black Magic' - a colour to fascinate the children

Be Sleepy

As its name suggests, this remedy is perfect for bedtime. It has a combination of lavender, chamomile, magnesium, montmorency cherry and L-theanine which promote restful sleeping, but tastes of cosy caramel. This sachet is best mixed with milk to have an hour or two before bedtime, but it’s also lovely mixed with a smoothie or yoghurt.

In our summer special offer, you’ll receive a box of each of these natural remedies, alongside one of our children’s towelling hoodies, just in time for your summer holidays.

Our range of towelling hoodies are ideal for children and adults alike

Towelling Hoodies for Children

Our towelling hoodies are perfect for days spent at the beach, around the swimming pool and for keeping warm and cosy after a bath. 

Made from a soft, stretchy towelling material, these long hooded tops are easy to throw on and so comfortable to wear. They keep you warm if it’s a chilly day and also help provide protection from the sun – ideal with the unpredictable UK weather!

We have a range of children’s sizes available for this special summer offer, from 6 months up to 12 years, in either a Rose and White or a Sky and White colour combination.

We also have towelling long hooded tops in teenager and adult sizes if you don’t want to feel left out.

Simply adorable

Summer Special Offer

You can get your hands on the Lizzie Loves Pick n Mix trio of award-winning natural remedies and one of our towelling hoodies for an incredible price this summer. Normally £57.45 when bought individually, for a limited time you can now get them both for just £45!

Order yours by mid-August to take advantage of our limited time only amazing summer deal. Click below to start shopping today. Happy and healthy holidays!