Bridie & Bert

Extra large luxury beach towel | double sided | rose & white

$97.00 USD

To match the hooded tops, our Extra Large Luxury Beach Towels are double-sided for extra warmth when wrapped up in one and quite simply more comfortable to sit on, on the beach. In short, these are the same as the smaller version, there is just a lot more of them.

Two could happily share this jumbo size towel or in my case one is enough but still plenty of space for hampers, books, and beach paraphernalia with less risk of getting sand everywhere.

This navy blue & white towel has white & navy blue on the reverse.

Size: 164cm x 155cm.

Our Extra Large Luxury Beach Towels not only match our towelling hoodies, they are double-sided too. They are no ordinary towels. If it’s a bit chilly you can wrap yourself and your children up in them. Like a great big soft hug. And when like today, the sun comes out, they are so so comfortable to sit on, even if you are on the pebbliest of beaches.

The double-sized towel is self-indulgently big; I’d rather not share mine but if I were to, there would be plenty of room for two or more even for a picnic. Some customers use them as bed throws… I do too!